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Meet Michael

A lifelong community organizer and advocate, Michael Galvan has worked tirelessly to create investments in Philadelphians and their futures.

Michael's Story

Michael Galvan was brought up to believe that every individual should be given the supports and opportunities necessary for them to succeed. This belief has led Michael to dedicate their life to public service, ensuring every Philadelphian they meet has the ability to bolster their future.

Growing up, Michael faced struggles with their sexuality, gender expression, mental health, and substance use disorders. However, thanks to the support of their friends, family, and loved ones, Michael was given the chance to forge a better future for themselves.

Michael has fought tirelessly to ensure any Philadelphian struggling with accessing support services has the same level of support and care that they received from their time growing up. They have served as a grassroots organizer, public policy advocate, and community leader in Philadelphia in programs and policies dedicated to helping all Philadelphians. 

Now, Michael is running for Philadelphia City Council to create new investments in Philadelphians and our communities to forge a brighter future for our city.

Valuing Inclusion

Michael’s work is founded on the value of inclusion. For governments to work, everyone’s voice must not just be heard, but actively sought after.

Michael’s campaign logo includes a pink triangle, a reclaimed symbol of inclusion that was once used by Nazis to label gay prisoners for persecution in concentration camps. The pink triangle has a powerful story in LGBTQ+ history, including its use in ACT UP’s “Silence=Death” campaigns against HIV/AIDS discrimination. What was once used as an anti-LGBTQ+ symbol of exclusion now honors the collective history of LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS resistance.

Michael believes deeply in the power of all Philadelphians. Their work is focused on the need to address inequitable barriers to housing, jobs, income, and safe communities. To do this, Michael understands that bridges must be forged between government and Philadelphians most impacted by unjust systems. Their campaign recognizes that policy solutions must center these experiences and that inclusion is an active, unwavering commitment to all Philadelphians.

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PO Box 25238

Philadelphia, PA 19119

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