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Forging a Brighter Future, Together

Generations of disinvestment and neglect in our neighborhoods brought us to today's struggles. Investments in Philadelphians and our communities will forge a brighter future.

Our Vision for Philadelphia

To secure a brighter future for Philadelphia, we must:

Housing For All Policy_Draft_10.04.22.jpg

Access to permanent, stable housing is a fundamental human right and cannot be denied. Read our housing proposal here starting October 10th, 2022.

Labor Day Parade 1199.jpg

Provide Robust Economic Development

The ability to be secure in our neighborhoods relies on the strength of our workforce. Watch for our Policy Platform here, coming soon

Philly Skyline.jpg

Encourage coordinated community efforts*

The safety and security of our neighborhoods is paramount to the long-term success of our city. Neighborhoods must be supported by the city to realize the vision of neighbors themselves.

*Photo Credit: Joseph Gidjunis || Veracity Studios

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